Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

KEFAI SERIES spout pouch filling machine is professional for filling spout pouch. It can fill different sauce, paste, liquid and others.

Model : KF01-PC ZLD
Brand : KEFAI
Package type : Spout pouch
Size : 900*450*500mm

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Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

Product FeaturesSemi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

1)Control and actuator components adopt brand of components (FESTO \ AirTac \ SNS), material contact parts are made of 316L 

and 304 stainless steel, in conformity with GMP, non-metal parts are made of high standard materials. Sealing rings is use of the silica

gel sealing ring or PTFE sealing ring; silica gel sealing rings are of high temperature resistant, good sealing; PTFE sealing ring are 

durable against wear, corrosion and high temperature.Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

2)The entire machine control and operative parts all uses the pneumatic components, it uses compressed air as power source, without 

electricity. The machine is running without collision and hard friction, so it is suitable for the application of explosion-proof environment. 

It has a high security.Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

3)The equipment adopts the fixed volume type metering mode and the piston push-pull rod structure, the use of precise switch control and 

positioning slide block, and the check valve is fast and precise air-operated valve, so the equipment have high precision and small filling 

error (≤±0.5%).Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

4The equipment is featured with automatic suction material, fixed volume filling, constant speed filling, adjustable speed, high pressure 

filling etc.Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

5The filling head is pneumatic or mechanical valve; It‘s internally provided with leakproof stopper,  With prevent wire drawing and dripping. 

The filling head caliber and length have variety of specifications to choose from, and generally can be installed on the liftable frame; its height 

and position can be adjusted.

6All parts (host, tee joint, self-suction tube and filling head) are by the handcuffs type clamp connection, no special tools installation, easy 

component disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, assembly, so equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance, cleaning and overhauling 

etc. Work more easily.

7The machine has manual mode and Automatic mode. When the machine is set to manual mode it adopts pedal to control the filling; and when 

the machine is set to automatic mode it will automatically start continuous filling.

8The machine has design clever, rational construction, easy operation, lightweight and convenient, wide application etc advantage.

Technical Parameters Semi-Automatic spout pouch paste filling machine

Product Model


Product No.

KF01-PC 250Z

Air Pressure Request


Filling Volume

5-5000 ml (adjustable)

Filling Head

 Single and double (can be selected)

Filling Error


Filling Speed



normal temperature

Relative Humidity

10%-85%, No condensation

Protection Grade

IP 32

Material Tube Spec.

Ф36mm (Standard)\ Length:1.8M

Machine Casing

Stainless steel

Filling Caliber




Gross Weight

80Kg(Excl.Non-standard Assembly

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