Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

KEFAI series oil filling machine is professional for filling different oil. Such as sunflower oil, olive oil and others and professional for filling big volume bottles. Such as 5L 10L 20L. Filling volume can be customized according to your requirements.

Model : KF01-L
Brand : KEFAI
Package type : Big volume bottles
Size : 2100*1200*1800mm

Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

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Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

Application Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

This filling machine uses high-precision flow meters and real-time temperature collection to compensate for the density changes 

of oil products due to temperature differences, thereby effectively ensuring the accuracy of filling and measurement. The volume 

and quality of the two measurement methods can be freely converted to overcome the loss caused by the volume filling of the 

grease when the temperature becomes lower and the density becomes larger. The unique filling head design and vacuum suction 

system ensure that the site and packaged products are free from residual liquid Pollution, fast first and slow two-speed filling volume 

can be set at will, and the filling speed is adjustable, which solves the bottle overflow phenomenon during pump pressure fast filling. 

Power filling is adopted, and no high-position tank is required, which simplifies the installation process, reduces the production cost, 

and improves the filling efficiency. The electrical and pneumatic main components are matched with high-quality components to ensure 

the reliability, accuracy, stability and durability of the system. The machine has high filling accuracy, stable performance, simple and quick 

operation and adjustment, and superior quality.Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

Technical Parameters Automatic big volume sunflower oil filling line

Work power




Filling capacity

1-20L can be customized 

Bottle high

Customized according bottles

Bottle diameter

Customized according bottles

Filling capacity

2000-2200BPH (Speed also can be customized)

Filling accuracy



800 kg

This equipment can produce the following products

oil filling line video
edible oil filling line
olive oil filling line
oil filling production line
lube oil filling line
oil bottle filling line
food oil filling line
automatic oil filling line

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