Automatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

KEFAI automatic filling line is hot products. Its suitable for filling different liquid, beverage, sauce, paste and other products. Filling range is 5-5000ml. Controlled system is PLC. No bottles not filling. All are automatic.

Model : KF01-L
Brand : KEFAI
Package type : Three/four/ back side sealing and any customized shape bag
Size : 2100*1200*1800mm

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Automatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

DescriptionAutomatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

The fully automatic filling and capping machine is liquid filling line which is designed to fill bottles

and jars with products ofvarious viscosity, range from water thin liquids to thick creams. Widely used

in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and specialtyindustries. These inline piston filling machines can

be option with different fill heads for meet different production capacity,variable speed drive conveyor,

adjustable stainless steel frame, easy to operate PLC control panel.Automatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

Technical ParametersAutomatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line


KF01-L 100

KF01-L 300

KF01-L 500

KF01-L 1000

KF01-L 2500

KF01-L 5000

Filling range







Air pressure range

4-6matic liquid sauce honey bottles fillingKg/cm²Auto line

Filling speed

25-40 bottles/min

25-35 bottles/min

20-30 bottles/min

15-25 bottles/min

10-20 bottles/min

5-15 bottles/min


0.6-0.8mpaAutomatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

Filling accuracy

≤ ±0.5-1% Automatic liquid sauce honey bottles filling line

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