Honey production solution

With honey is more and more popular in market. There are many food company would like to produce sachet honey. KEFAI MACHINERY have rich experience for honey packing and have mature technical.

                                                                             Honey products solution

When its comes to honey, we cooperated with many honey manufacturer and have mature ability to produce different honey products 

from A-Z. Here are some details for complete production.

1, Honey extractor

We can do different model extractor for honey. It's made of food grade stainless steel, which suitable for honey very much. It have electric

and manual model, which can help you easily get honey raw material from honeycomb.

2, Honey filter

Before doing next process, honey from honeycomb need to be filtered by professional filter

3, Heating 

During heating, it need to be noticed that temperature won't exceed 60℃. 

4, Transfer pump

After heating, it can be transported honey to next process. For honey, it need using rotor pump to do it. 

5.1 Honey packing-Sachet honey packing machine

& Production surrounding 

Honey is a kind of popular food. It's vital to keep a health and tidy production surrounding. Our honey sachet packing machine is made 

of stainless steel, food grade, which suitable for packing food. Our packing machine also is easy to clean. There is automatic CIP system

and easy to clean after production. 

2, Keep warm

Honey is a special material. Its fluidity will be changed with temperature changing. Under bad fluidity, it's not easy packing honey into bags.

In order to save this problem, our engineer will do a heating and mixing hopper on machine. There are someone worry about high temperate

will damage honey. Please don't worry!When temperature is under 50℃, which won't damage honey and can let honey have good fluidity.

Our heating hopper can set and adjust temperature. You can control heating temperature.

                                                                                      #Heating hopper#

& Bags type

For food, a good and beautiful package is important. Our packing machine can do backing sealing bags, three side sealing bags, and four 

side sealing bags. Besides these basic shape, we also can customize bottles shape bags, round corner bags and other shaped bags. 

For honey packing, We advice to do three side sealing bags and four side sealing bags. These two type bags are high-end, and beautiful ,

which can help you attracting many customer. Then, there are some food manufacture also will do round corner honey sticker, Which is 

beautiful very much and during using, round corner also can protect customer and Child. 

5.2 Honey packing-Bottles honey filling line

& Automatic filling machine

We have pneumatic piston type and servo motor type honey filling machine. These are two professional honey filling machine. It can automatically

fill honey into bottles. Filling precision is high. In order to filling honey, we do special anti-drop device on machine.

& Automatic capping machine

For capping machine, honey bottles usually is glass bottles. We do advice do vacuum capping, which can extend shift life of honey. 

& Automatic labeling machine

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