Vacuum grain packing solution

In the world, Grain is one of the most important food. In market, there are various package type for grain. There is a vacuum package is most popular, and told lets to see how dose machine do vacuum package.

KEFAI team have rich experience for grain packing and we design different technical for different package type. Currently Vacuum package

packing technical is mature in our company. We cooperated with many farmer and got many positive review. 

Doing vacuum packing machine need to use granule machine machine. Our KF02-G 420-820 packing machine can do it. Here are some details.

1, Grain feeding system

In vacuum packing system, we have different material feeder. For grain, Z shape material feeder is most suitable. Our Z shape

feeder is made of stainless steel, and have good sea during working. Grain won't drop from feeder, which can save material. All

works are automatically. 

2, Vacuum packing machine

About packing part, we will use VFFS granule packing machine. For different volume, we will use different packing model. About measure part

on machine, usually we will use measure cup. If you have high packing precision demand, we will use multi-heads electric scale. 

As for vacuum function, our machine match high quality vacuum pump, during packing, it can forming good vacuum situation. Our packing 

machine also can do different packing shape, Adding vacuum function, there are many beautiful products be packed. 

3, Packing sample

Above are vacuum packing sample. If you like this type machine, please contact us.

Phone number:+86-13397106700

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