Spray bottles filling solution

Spray bottles products is more and more popular in cosmetic industry. Compared with normal bottles, spray bottles have complex structure. So would you like to know how do we finish a spray bottles production?

                                                                                   Spray filling line

A complete spray filling line including bottles feeding table-filling machine-capping system-labeling system-printing machine-bottles collection

table. Let me introduce to you one by one.

1, Bottles feeding and collection table

We have different type bottles feeding and collection machine. For spray bottles, usually we will use table type bottles feeder and collection.

It can automatically transport machine to filling and collect finished bottles from labeling machine. Speed can be controlled. Table diameter

also can be adjusted according to different capacity.

2, Filling machine

Spray bottles is main for small volume. For filling machine, high filling precision is a important aseptic.On our filling machine, we will use small

volume pump-peristaltic pump,which have high filling precision.Because peristaltic pump have special structure, material won't connect pump,

only filled through food grade hose, which can ensure filling health. 

                                                                                  Peristaltic pump 

3, Capping system

Compared with normal bottles filling line, spray bottles capping machine is most special. Spray bottles have a pump with tube, it not easy fasten

it with normal capping machine. Especial for automatically put caps on bottles.There are many machine manufacturer advice customer manually 

put caps on bottles, then use capping machine fast it. Our engineer team solve this problem, and design a special capping system for pump caps.

Our capping machine have two part, one is caps covering machine, another one is caps capping machine.Caps covering machine will use a 

machine arm to put small tube into bottles, Then whole pump will be covered on bottles. 

Sometimes there are some bottles have outer side caps. For this type caps, We will add outer caps capping machine.So that it can totally 

achieve full automatic capping. 

4, Labeling machine

Spray bottles main is round bottles. About labeling machine, we will recommend round bottles labeling machine. It suitable for different size

labels and bottles. Controlled system is PLC and touch screen. Labeling speed is fast, easy to operate.

5, Printing machine

Normally we will match small character ink printing machine on spray filling line. This kind ink printing machine can print on Curved surface.

Speed is fast, easy to operate, printing speed is fast, can match speed of filling line. 

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