Car cleaning products filling solution

KEFAI is professional for car cleaning products filling. For car cleaning products, main two feature are big volume and easy foaming. Let me tell how do we solve these two problem.

                                          Car cleaning products filling solution

For car cleaning products filling solution, KEFAI team have rich experience. Car cleaning products usually is filled by big bucket, and easy 

foaming. Based on these two feature, we customize a professional car cleaning products filling line. 

1, Filling machine

Car cleaning products is foaming during filling, in order to solve this, we will do long filling nozzles on filling machine. It can do bottom up

filling. On filling nozzles, we also will use special valve that can reduce foaming.As for measurement, We will use weight way on filling 

machine, which can do big range filling, and have high filling precision.

2, Labeling machine

Car cleaning products usually use big bucket. For labeling machine, it need to customize big model double side labeling machine. KEFAI 

double side labeling machine is easy to operate. Price is economy. It can totally work for big bucket. 

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