Survey on China's Foreign Trade Situation in the Second Quarter of 2022

2022/7/5 17:17:29 admin

    In the second quarter of this year, with the overall improvement of China's  epidemic prevention and control situation, the effect of policy measures for steady growth has gradually emerged, and positive changes have occurred in the operation of foreign trade.

    First, the operation of foreign trade enterprises has improved. The foreign trade volume of enterprises showed a recovery growth momentum, the export profits of most industries were better than in the first quarter. 25.43% of the trade volume of enterprises increased month-on-month, 19.98% of the enterprise profits increased continuously, and the growth of export profits of high-value-added industries became a new bright spot. 22.65% of the new orders of enterprises increased compared with the first quarter, and 30.43% of the growth of corporate orders was parallel with the first quarter, and the market sources of new orders were more diversified.

    Second, the main problems faced by foreign trade enterprises have improved. Problems such as high logistics costs, difficult financing and high financing costs, and large exchange rate fluctuations have been alleviated, and the problem of labor shortage is generally controllable. 22.13% of enterprises said that logistics costs decreased compared with the first quarter. 15.05% of enterprises believe that the cost of funds decreased from the same period last year, an increase of 3.38 percentage points over the first quarter. Only 15.63% of enterprises said that the problem of employment was prominent, down 3.87 percentage points from the first quarter.

    Third, the basic trend of foreign trade is obviously bright. New trade formats and models such as foreign trade comprehensive services and cross-border e-commerce have played a significant role in export promotion. The effect of stabilizing foreign trade policy to alleviate difficulties is obvious, and the degree of recognition of enterprises is high. 55.97% of enterprises believe that accelerating export tax rebates will help enterprises the most to alleviate cash flow pressure, and 54.8% of enterprises and 48.21% of enterprises separately believe that accelerating tax reduction and fee reduction and alleviating logistics pressure is more effective in solving the actual operational difficulties of foreign trade enterprises.

    Fourth, foreign trade enterprises have increased their expectations for annual growth. Comprehensive analysis of domestic and international production leading index, large and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises expectations and other factors, foreign trade enterprises confidence in the annual trade volume growth has recovered. 26.22% of enterprises expect annual trade volume to increase, and 28.17% of enterprises believe that it is at least be paralleled with  last year.

    The policy suggestions put forward by foreign trade enterprises have four aspects, one is to continue to increase the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction, and reduce the cost of foreign trade enterprises; The second is to increase the intensity of online exhibitions and overseas exhibitions, and broaden the channels for enterprises to grab orders and guarantee orders; The third is to innovate service models and safeguard the overseas interests of enterprises; The fourth is to organize a matchmaking meeting for processing trade enterprises in the eastern, central and western regions to promote the gradient transfer of labor-intensive foreign trade industries in China.

    China's foreign trade industry has a strong foundation, the long-term bright situation have not changed, and the advantages of strong resilience, sufficient potential and large room for maneuver in the development of foreign trade will be more prominent.

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