Analysis of the future development of the machinery industry

2022/6/28 16:13:50 admin

1.With the superposition of the 4th industrial revolution and the 3rd energy revolution, the world is in an unprecedented super technology window period, and the construction machinery industry will usher in a long-term technological upward cycle.

    The construction machinery market is cyclical, but in recent years, "machinery substitution artificial effect", international competitiveness improvement, construction machinery industry emission standards and other factors have become an important driving force for the growth of the industry, construction machinery application scenarios are becoming more and more extensive, and the industry cycle is gradually weakening.

2.In the medium and long term, China's industrialization and urbanization have not yet been completed and are still in development.

    Coupled with the increase in infrastructure investment in railways, highways and airports, urban rail transit, water conservancy, underground pipe corridors, etc., the country's strengthening of environmental governance, the growth of equipment renewal demand, the driving factors of artificial substitution effects, and the improvement of the global competitiveness of Chinese brands, China's construction machinery has long-term broad market prospects.

    Intelligence, electrification and internationalization have become the long-term driving force for the development of the industry, bringing unprecedented strategic opportunities to the construction machinery industry.

3.Construction machinery pattern

    In recent years, China's construction machinery industry has continued to develop, and the industry has generally shown a trend of market share concentration and continuous improvement. The excavator machinery market shows a trend of continuous market share concentration to the domestic brands of large enterprises, and leading enterprises with brand scale, technical services and channel advantages will gain greater competitive advantages.

    The global competitiveness of Chinese enterprises has continued to improve, and its market share in global construction machinery has gradually increased.

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