Kefai packaging machinery weighing device, automatic seed packaging machine

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Kefai packaging machinery weighing device, automatic seed packaging machine

Weighing method measuring device
(1) Intermittent weighing and measuring device
Single-platform scale intermittent weighing and measuring device, adopts electric vibration meter, lever balance scale and two-stage photoelectric detection and control device, etc. The first-stage photoelectric device controls the coarse feeding, so that the feeder can feed the weighing hopper to the quantitative requirement 80%~90% of the value, and then the second-level photoelectric device controls the fine feeding. When the quantitative requirement value is reached, the feeding is stopped, and a discharge signal is issued, and the opening mechanism discharges. After the weigher drains the materials, the next weighing cycle is carried out.

Multiple single-steel weighing devices are connected in parallel, including coarse feeding, fine feeding, stopping feeding to discharging, and restarting coarse feeding. The four stages are connected in sequence. The length of each stage of the process affects the speed and accuracy of weighing. Shortening the time of each stage will increase the rate of measurement, but it is not conducive to the accuracy of measurement. The use of multiple sets of single-steel weighing devices has a certain overlap in the measurement process, so the total measurement speed can be increased under the condition of ensuring the packaging measurement accuracy.

Two sets of single-rod scale measuring devices, two sets of scales are used for parallel measurement, and the measuring speed can be doubled. The single-rod scale measuring device can be installed on a rotating disc along the radius direction, the disc slowly rotates, and each set of measuring devices participates in the measuring operation in turn under the action of the monitoring system, and the disc rotates one time.
Every week, each set of metering devices completes a metering cycle. This device requires the disc to run smoothly at low speed to avoid the influence of speed changes and centrifugal force on measurement accuracy.

Continuous weighing and measuring device
When weighing, the material has no pause time on the weighing pan, and the weighing speed is very fast, which is a dynamic weighing. When the material is working, the material flows from the hopper 1 to the conveyor belt, and the actual weight of the material can be measured when the material passes through the weighing frame under the belt. If the density of the material changes, the weighing frame will move up and down, which is converted into an electric signal by the sensor and fed back to the weighing regulator, so that the opening of the gate can be fine-tuned to achieve the purpose of maintaining the material flow.

In order to increase the working speed of the scale body, a comparative balance method can be used. Even if the total mass of the weighing frame and the material is balanced with the external counterweight. First set the reference value to make the parallel leaf spring in a horizontal state. When the weight deviates from the reference value, the parallel leaf spring will deform due to force. If it is a linear spring, the displacement is proportional to the mass deviation, and the actual mass of the material is calculated from this.

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