Kefai packaging machine measuring method automatic tea bag packing machine

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Kefai packaging machine measuring method automatic tea bag packing machine

The products filled with human bags have certain requirements on quantity, quality or volume. The device that guarantees the filling amount every month is called a metering device. The metering device can be an integral part of the machine, or it can be an independent device. There are three commonly used measurement methods: counting method, constant volume method and weighing method.

1. Counting method
The method of measuring and packaging the materials to be packaged according to the number. Commonly used are single-piece counting, multi-piece counting, turntable counting, and crawler counting.
Single piece counting: It is often used for bulk materials. It can make the materials oriented in a single row and pass through the photoelectric counting device in turn. The photoelectric counter sends out electric signals to count, and controls the conveying material gate to complete a counting cycle.
Multi-piece counting: multiple pieces of materials are loaded into the measuring chamber at one time for measurement.
Turntable counting: A certain number of small holes are evenly distributed in the sector plane on the turntable to form several groups of equally spaced hole areas. Changing the number of holes in each sector can change the number of measurements.
Crawler count: the crawler animal material with a number of uniformly distributed grooves is counted by the sensor in turn.

2. Constant volume method
The constant-volume method is often used for the measurement of powdery and granular materials with stable density. Commonly used are measuring cup, screw, piston and metering pump types.
Measuring cup type: A method of measuring using the volume of a measuring cup. Commonly used structural forms such as turntable, drum, and intubation.
Screw type: The method of measuring the volume of the screw groove in the unit rotation speed.
Piston type: The movement of the plunger piston is used to suck the product from the feed tank into the material cylinder. After reaching the predetermined volume, the control method at the lower part of the material cylinder is opened, and the piston is pushed down to make the product in the cylinder flow into the filling container. Measurement method.
Metering pump type: the method of measuring the material through the groove on the drum during the rotation process. The pump can be a gear pump or a rotary valve metering pump.

3. Weighing method
It is suitable for the measurement of materials that are easy to absorb moisture, have uneven particle size, have large changes in density and high measurement accuracy. There are batch weighing and continuous weighing.
Intermittent weighing: The method of measuring mainly with mechanical scales or electronic scales. The weighing accuracy is high, the sensitivity is good, but the efficiency is low.
Continuous weighing: The quality of the material is measured by controlling the material flow rate and the flow time interval. When the density of the material changes, a closed-loop control loop should be used to adjust the cross-sectional area or moving speed of the logistics in time to stabilize the flow. Suitable for high-speed weighing and filling.

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