Kefai Packaging Machinery's Bag Forming-Filling Machine irregular shape sachet packing machine

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Kefai Packaging Machinery's Bag Forming-Filling and Closing Machine irregular shape sachet packing machine

This type of bagging machinery can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the process route; according to the layout of bag making, filling, sealing and other processes, it can be divided into direct movement and reversion; horizontal direct movement usually only has intermittent movement Models.

1. Vertical bag forming, filling and closing machine
The vertical bag forming-filling and closing machine is one of the most widely used and largest batch models in packaging machinery. Its characteristic is that the material feeder of the packaged goods is set inside the bag making machine, and the bag making and filling materials are carried out in the vertical direction from top to bottom. According to the different structure of the bag formed, the packaging machine can be divided into the following types:

(1) Pillow bag forming, filling and sealing machine
The vertical, continuous movement pillow-shaped bag trunk forming device forms a filling and sealing machine, which can complete the longitudinal seam butt sealing, filling and sealing and cutting. Under the action of multiple guide rollers and tensioning devices, the rolled film is detected by the photoelectric detection device on the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material, and then it is introduced to the trunk forming device to roll the film into a circular shape. It is heated, pressurized and heat-sealed by the continuous rotating longitudinal sealer, while the longitudinal sealer continuously rotates to pull the film bag to move continuously from top to bottom.
move. The measured material is filled into the bottom-sealed bag from the hopper. The horizontal sealer rotates at different speeds to seal the mouth and bottom of the upper and lower bags respectively. The axis of rotation of the vertical sealer and the horizontal sealer The axis of rotation is vertical in space, so a pillow bag is obtained. The sealed continuous bag is cut and separated by the lower rotary cutter 7 when it contacts the fixed cutter to obtain the finished product.

Vertical, intermittent movement lapel former forming-filling pair of mouth machine, can complete bag making, vertical sealing (lap or butt), filling, sealing and cutting work. The roll film is guided by multiple guide rollers to the upper lapel forming device, the longitudinal sealer is sealed and lapped or butted into a round and simple shape, the measured material is guided into the bag through the feeding pipe, and the horizontal sealer 4 simultaneously seals the bottom The bag is pulled down intermittently and cut between the two bags to separate them.

(2) Four-side sealing bag forming one filling and closing machine
The four-side sealing bag is formed into a filling and sealing machine. The two rolls of film enter the two sides of the feeding tube through the guide roller. The longitudinal sealer connects them into a cylindrical shape and then fills the material, and then the transverse sealer seals it transversely, and the cutter Cut the material bag into a single four-side sealed bag product. The four-side sealing multi-function packaging machine is mostly used for the packaging of small-quantity powder and granular materials. There are single-row and multi-row models. As the number of rows increases,
Productivity can increase exponentially. The film enters the two sides of the feeding pipe through a guide roller, a gap guide plate, and a guide roller. The longitudinal sealer seals it into four circular shapes and fills the material, and then the transverse sealer seals it transversely, and the material is discharged under the action of the traction roller. The bag moves down, and the cutter cuts the material bag into an independent single four-side sealed bag product.

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