Kefai Packaging Machinery's bagging machine potato chips packaging machine

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Kefai Packaging Machinery's bagging machine   potato chips packaging machine

Bagging is to fill powder, granular, fluid or semi-fluid materials into packaging bags made of flexible materials, and then vent (or inflate) and seal according to the requirements of the package contents to complete product packaging Process. The machine used for bagging is a multi-function packaging machine for forming (opening the bag), filling and closing the mouth. Bagged packaging has the following characteristics:

① There are many kinds of flexible materials used in bag making, light weight, low price, easy to print, easy to form and seal. Commonly used flexible materials for bag packaging include paper, wax paper, plastic film, composite materials, etc. These materials not only have good protective properties, but also have light weight, low price, easy printing, easy forming and sealing, easy to open and use, and easy to be covered. Handling and other characteristics, so the bagged products made are light, beautiful, small in size and popular. Among them, plastic film and its composite materials are widely used and developed most rapidly.

②The unit quantity of bag packaging is flexible and the application range is wide. The bag is packed in small bags of several grams and tens of grams, medium bags of nearly kilograms, and large bags of tens of kilograms. The contents of the package are powder, granular, colloid, liquid, gas and bulk solid, plus the plastic film has unique and good heat-sealability, printability, transparency, moisture and gas resistance and many other advantages , So that the bag packaging is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline product processing factories, and the packaging products are compact and occupy a small space. As the bag packaging material 4 uses flexible materials, the packaging bag is compact, small in size, small in space, and low in transportation cost.

The basic form and characteristics of packaging bags
At present, there are many types of packaging bags, which are mutually infiltrated and replaced with packaging forms such as filling and wrapping. Some of the commonly used packaging bags made of plastic film and its composite materials are directly formed and filled on the packaging machine, and some are preformed and then filled. Flat bags are mainly suitable for filling powder, granular and semi-fluid materials. The four-sided and three-sided fold-sealed bags have better sealing fastness. The former has a symmetrical and beautiful appearance, and the latter has a higher material utilization rate. The number of layers at the vertical and horizontal junctions of the folded sides is increased. The sealing fastness is affected, and the butt is worse than the overlap; the prismatic bag is mainly suitable for filling liquid products, and the self-standing placement is more suitable for outer packaging, sales and use; wedge bags, pyramidal bags The bag has some of the characteristics of the aforementioned two bags, and the shape is more complicated. It is mostly used in bag opening, filling and sealing machines.

The structure and working principle of a typical bagging machine
Due to the diversity of packaging bag forms, there are many types and structural forms of packaging machines that can complete bag filling. The main components of the machine are: packaging material supply device, bag forming device, quantitative and filling device, bag sealing (vertical sealing, horizontal sealing) and cutting device, finished product conveying device, etc. Now some typical structures and working principles are explained.

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