The main technical parameters of Kefai packaging machine Auger powder filling machine

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The main technical parameters of Kefai packaging machine  Auger powder filling machine

The main technical parameters of the packaging machine generally include the following aspects:

1. Structural parameters
The structural parameters reflect the structural characteristics of the packaging machine and the size range of the packaged objects. Such as the number of packaging machines, the number of packaging stations, the number of actuators, the rotation diameter or linear shift distance of the main conveyor, the width and height of the working table, the input height of the object, the output height of the finished product, etc.

2. Motion parameters
The motion parameters reflect the production capacity of the packaging machine and the working speed of the actuator. Such as spindle speed, object feeding speed, metering and filling speed, etc.

3. Power parameters
The power parameters reflect the working load of the actuator and the energy consumption of the normal operation of the packaging machine. Such as the working load of the actuators such as forming and sealing, the rated power, rated torque and speed range of the power machine, the working pressure and flow of the pneumatic hydraulic transmission, and the water and steam required to complete the cleaning, sterilization, and heat sealing processes. , Electricity and other energy consumption, etc.

4. Process parameters
Process parameters reflect the process method and characteristics used to complete the packaging process, such as the temperature, time, pressure, tension, speed, vacuum, measurement accuracy and other parameters related to the completion of the packaging process.

By analyzing and comparing the technical parameters of different equipment of the same type of packaging machine, it is undoubtedly possible to judge the performance of each equipment. In view of the wide variety of packaging processes, packaging objects, craftsman methods used, and machine types completed by packaging machines, the specific content of the main technical parameters of various packaging machines are also different from each other. Therefore, when formulating the main technical parameters, the basic guidelines must be followed.
Make specific analysis to solve the problem according to specific conditions.

Example: Design of granular chocolate candy packaging machine.
1. Original information
(1) Products
The processing object of this machine is a round cone shaped granular chocolate candy. Due to the large production volume, it is required to design a granular chocolate candy packaging machine.
(2) The chocolate candies are packaged with gold aluminum foil roll paper with a thickness of 0008mm.
(3) The productivity of the machine
The production task is 570kg per shift, which corresponds to the normal production rate of the automatic machine at 120 pieces/min. Taking into account the changes in the process conditions of the automatic machine, the stepless speed regulation is adopted to make the production rate of the packaging machine 70~30 pieces/min.
(4) Packaging quality requirements
The chocolate candies are required to have a beautiful and crisp appearance after packaging, and the aluminum foil paper has no obvious damage, tearing or wrinkles.
(5) Basic requirements for packaging machines
The mechanical structure is simple, the work is reliable and stable, the operation is convenient and safe, the maintenance is easy, and the cost is low.

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