Kefai packaging machine compiles working cycle diagram Ketchup packaging machine

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Kefai packaging machine compiles working cycle diagram Ketchup packaging machine

Packaging machinery generally has multiple actuators. In order to automatically and reliably complete the packaging operation, each actuator must move according to a given law, and their actions must be coordinated and completed in sequence according to a certain procedure. . What kind of law each executive component should move, how should their actions coordinate and cooperate, these are the problems to be solved in the compilation of the work cycle diagram. The work cycle diagram is also called the motion cycle period table, which represents the coordinated relationship between the positions and time of each actuator and component in each cycle phase in a motion cycle period. The figure uses the starting point of the working cycle of a certain main executive agency as a benchmark, and draws the sequence of movements of each agency relative to the main agency in turn. The movement cycle of the packaging machine can be represented by the turnover of the distribution axis. It is not necessary to draw this diagram for simple actuators that do not have strict time and location requirements.

①The prerequisite for drawing a motion cycle diagram is to draw up the working stroke, schedule and residence time of each executive component according to the required process time and allowable speed and acceleration for the completion of the packaging operation. The process time and allowable speed and acceleration are not only related to the type of packaging process, the process method used, the characteristics of the packaged goods and packaging materials, and the packaging quality
Requirements, etc. are related, but also related to the type of actuator, manufacturing and assembly accuracy, operating conditions, etc. They are essential for determining the motion law. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on theoretical knowledge, practical experience or through simulation tests to obtain reliable data and reasonably determine the law of motion.

②Determine the action coordination and arrange the action coordination relationship of each executive component in accordance with the requirements of the packaging procedure. First of all, it must be ensured that the packaged articles and packaging materials of each executive component do not interfere with each other in time and space during operation. At the same time, try to increase the overlap of each executive component in working time. Because the more overlap, the shorter the exercise cycle period. For this, it should be calculated
Regarding the moment when the executive member interferes, and consider leaving an appropriate space and time margin near the interference point. In this way, interference can be prevented and the overlap of working hours can be maximized.

③Drawing the working cycle diagram According to the preliminary motion law and action coordination, draw the working cycle diagram. For mechanical transmission, the relationship between the movement of the executive member and time is also converted to the relationship with the rotation angle of the distribution shaft. After the technical design is completed, the original working cycle diagram must be supplemented and modified according to the actual situation, so as to obtain the actual working cycle diagram of the machine. For example, in the original plan, some actuators only stipulated the law of movement in part of the cycle, and the law of movement in the rest of the time can only be known after the technical design is completed (mainly the linkage mechanism); and if there are actuators, Due to improper model selection or due to structural constraints, the motion law that can be achieved does not conform to the original plan. If the above difference is too large to satisfy the package
When the installation process requires, it should be overturned and redone.

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